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Logos for Members

Dear Members, As a proud member of the GMMCC here is the new GMMCC logo to add to your business fliers, listings, advertisements, and company signs. Simply right click on the image and save it to your desktop. We welcome and appreciate your membership and our Miracle Mile community gives preference to Chamber Members so show your membership. Thank you.

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Potential New Members

Dear Greater Miracle Mile Members, We are excited to announce our membership goal of 200 by the end of this year. We are reaching out to ask for your participation in gaining new members. Below is a list of local businesses and Here is a pdf of our list MMCC Hit List 2-16 of potential Chamber Members. Take a look! If you know or work with any of those listed; please reply to Meg at info@miraclemilechamber.org. We will follow up with a personal contact from your

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Members Only Posts

Hello and welcome to our members only page. Here you will find non-advertising posts that our members find important and would like to share with other members. Please refrain from posting advertising in this section and mark your postings members only. Thank you and have a Miracle Mile Day!

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