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  • As the Director of a non-profit organization whose charge it is to help support a public school,  I can’t say enough about how beneficial belonging to the Chamber has been. The relationships built through the Chamber have not only provided financial and volunteer resources, but they have also provided extraordinary opportunities for student involvement and engagement.

    Executive Director, The Harrison Trust Los Angeles High School

    - Joyce Kleifield
  • Our membership in the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce has resulted in some great relationships on both a personal and business level.

    As publishers of the annual Miracle Mile edition every March, we are tuned in to what is happening in the Mile through our Chamber contacts.

    We have met  our State, U. S. and local officials, have enjoyed networking meetings and mixers, have visited different venues and have kept current with the Miracle Mile Mirror news magazine.

    Editor and Chief – Larchmont Chronicle

    - Jane Gilman
  • The Miracle Mile Chamber is a true asset to me. As we prepare our annual March Miracle Mile issues, the Chamber members are the lifeblood of that issue and having met monthly with most of them, we are have a friendly collegial relationship that engenders mutual trust and respect.

    Our Chamber is less formal and therefore more engaging and relaxed for members to share special things that are happening in their business lives.

    I enjoy going to the various venues monthly as well.

    Advertising and Sales Executive – Larchmont Chronicle

    - Pam Rudy
  • I have been a member of the Chamber ever since I relocated my office into the Miracle Mile and feel it is still the best business decision I have made in a long time. The Chamber has afforded me the opportunity to meet the movers and shakers of Los Angeles and make connections that I would never had made on my own…EVER. I now know that there are many issues that the Chamber can help me with, including networking with other business owners and community leaders. I never would have thought this would ever interest me, but it is critical to being an effective business owner.

    Southern California Dental Health Associates

    - Jonathan M Engel DDS
  • Being a part of the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce makes me feel like a part of the larger community outside of our office. It keeps me in touch with events, and gives me a chance to share my organization’s events and information. The receptions are a great place to share ideas and learn about our neighbors.

    Amanda Rollins
    Japan Foundation Los Angeles

    - Amanda Rollins
  • My first introduction to the Miracle Mile Chamber was as a guest at a monthly lunch.  This was over ten years ago.   I was able to meet the Editor of the Larchmont Chronicle and the Park La Brea News and Beverly Press.  I was impressed with the audience! At that lunch our Corporate Leasing Manager announced a job opening at our property.  Shortly after we met, I  interviewed and hired a Chamber member.  The knowledge and history each of us has of our neighborhood as it has grown over the years is happily shared.  Each of us has such a great story to tell.

    John Burney
    Director of Resident Services, Park La Brea

    - John Burney
  • I use the services of Chamber Members all the time so when Memorial Day Weekend was rolling around I needed a grill. I checked my local papers for the one I wanted and the best price but decided to go to Orchard first as they have been such a a great supporter of the Chamber. Not only did they match the price of the same grill but they were also having a “No sale tax” sale and I could not be happier with the service. They even brought it out to the car for me.

    Chris Devlin

    Director of Communications, Editor

    - Chris Devlin
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