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Project By Derek Andorson
LAUNCHED April 12, 2020
FUNDING ENDS April 12, 2020
OUR GOAL Side Of Technology
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Hello! I’m Jack Cheng, a designer and former advertising copywriter. I’ve worked in technology off and on for over a decade, and have been thinking about its role in my life for even longer. I co-founded a startup called Memberly, and I’ve written articles and essays on topics like Habit Fields and The Slow Web. My writing has appeared both online and in print, in places like Thought Catalog and Offscreen Magazine.
For the last three years, I’ve spent my nights and weekends working on a novel. The manuscript has undergone several revisions already, and I recently finished a new draft based on feedback from a few beta readers. Now I’m raising money to hire a professional editor and publish the book in a range of formats.

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